Westinghouse TV Codes For Spectrum Remote 

You can control Westinghouse TV with a Spectrum remote. However, you must program the Spectrum remote before using it for Westinghouse TV. This post will discuss Westinghouse TV codes for Spectrum remote and its programming methods. I will explain to you how to program Spectrum remote to Westinghouse TV.

Spectrum Remote Codes For Westinghouse TV List

To connect the Spectrum remote to the device, you will need to use the codes mentioned below. The code identifies the device and saves the controlling information in the remote database. I will tell you when you need to use this code in this post. Before going to program the remote, note down the codes.

11712, 13559, 13382, 10885, 12196, 13094, 11282, 12397, 13389, 13908,14796, 10463, 11217, 11661

Spectrum RC122 Remote Codes For Westinghouse TV

1221, 1092, 1095, 1096, 1133, 1198

How To Program Spectrum Remote To Westinghouse TV

The direct code entry and auto-code search methods are available to program the Spectrum remote, but you will need to choose a single way to connect the remote to the device. In the direct code entry method, you must enter a Westinghouse Spectrum remote code to connect the remote to the device. Likewise, to set up your Panasonic TV, you can use specific Spectrum remote codes for a smooth and efficient connection.

  1. Switch on your Westinghouse TV.
  2. Insert new batteries into the remote compartment.
  3. Press and hold the “OK” and “MENU” keys together for three seconds. The LED light will flash twice on the remote.
  4. Now enter the Spectrum remote code for Westinghouse TV.
  5. The LED light will blink twice and turns off after entering a valid code. If not, try to enter another code until the LED light blinks twice.
  6. Now your remote is ready to use.

Check the remote buttons whether work or not correctly. If everything works well, you don’t need to do the setup again.

Program Spectrum Remote To Westinghouse TV Without Code

In the auto-code searching method, the remote will send several codes to the device and find a valid code. You can switch to this alternative method if you fail to enter a valid code on the remote.

  1. Connect all the cables correctly and turn on your Westinghouse TV remote.
  2. Insert new batteries in the remote to send solid infrared signals.
  3. Keep holding the remote in front of the TV from an appropriate distance.
  4. Now press and hold down the “OK” and “MENU” keys simultaneously until the LED light flashes twice.
  5. Now press the “TV POWER” button once. It will turn on and stays solid.
  6. After that, press and hold the “UP” arrow key until the device turns off. If the device turns off, the remote is ready to use.
  7. Release the “UP” arrow key immediately when the device is shut down.

Now you will need to check the remote functions to control the device. If all the functions work as expected, it means the remote is programmed successfully. If the device doesn’t respond to the remote, you must repeat the exact programming instructions to reprogram your Spectrum remote. This process is also effective when you need to program your Spectrum remote to work with a Sceptre TV, ensuring all functions operate correctly.


Both methods are recommended for Spectrum remote programming. However, the code entry method is preferred over the auto-code search method because it completes within a minute. If you encounter any issues or have doubts during the programming process, feel free to leave a comment, and we will try to assist you. For those using Toshiba TVs, specific codes are available to simplify the programming process with your Spectrum remote.

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