Toshiba TV Codes For Spectrum Remote

If you are looking for a remote replacement, the Spectrum remote is the best choice, and you can get all the features of your original remote in it. In this post, I will discuss Toshiba codes for Spectrum remote and their programming instructions. If you want to find the Spectrum remote codes for Toshiba TV, you are at the right place.

Spectrum Remote Codes For Toshiba TV List

Here you can see a list of Spectrum remote codes for Toshiba TV. The codes are specifically designed to connect the remote to the Toshiba TV. You will need to enter a code on the remote while connecting the remote to Toshiba TV. If you’re setting up an Emerson TV, you can refer to the Spectrum Emerson TV codes to ensure a seamless connection. You can also try all the codes until the remote gets a valid code.

11524, 10156, 11670, 12684, 11959, 11704, 11343, 11480, 14730, 10060, 11369, 11142

Spectrum Remote RC122 Codes For Toshiba TV

1190, 1014, 1015, 1127, 1007, 1252, 1246, 1219, 1212, 1168, 1163, 1018, 1114, 1173, 1062, 1028, 1071, 1300, 1338, 1353, 1369

How To Program Spectrum Remote To Toshiba TV

I will tell you two ways to program Spectrum remote to Toshiba TV The direct code entry method and the auto-code search method this 2 methods can work to program spectrum remote to sanyo tv as well. Both methods are recommended, but most people prefer the direct code entry method because it is simple and completes quickly.

In this method, you must enter the code on the remote mentioned above in this post. Follow the instructions below to program the Spectrum remote to Toshiba TV.

  1. Turn on your Toshiba TV and turn off another device while connecting to the Spectrum remote.
  2. Keep and hold the remote nearest to the device.
  3. Long press the “OK” and “MENU” keys until the LED light blinks twice.
  4. After this, enter the Spectrum remote code for Toshiba TV.
  5. The LED light will blink twice and turns off after the remote receives the correct code.
  6. If the LED stays solid or blinks several times, you must enter the following code until it gets a valid one.

Finally, check the remote functions, such as controlling volume, changing channels and menu navigation and more. If everything works well, the remote is ready to use.

If the remote doesn’t work as expected, you will need to program the remote using the next code and start programming from step3.

How To Program Spectrum Remote To Toshiba TV Without Code

In the auto-code search method, the remote will find the correct code by sending several codes to the device. Additionally, the remote saves the device information in its memory to control the Toshiba TV. For users with an Arris cable box, having the Spectrum Arris cable box remote codes can make programming even easier and more efficient.

  1. Turn on the Toshiba TV (The TV should not be in standby mode).
  2. Insert batteries in the remote to send solid infrared signals.
  3. Now press and hold the “OK” and “MENU” buttons until the LED light blinks twice.
  4. Press “TV POWER” button. The LED of the TV power button illuminates and stays solid
  5. Now your remote is turned into programming mode.
  6. After this, press and hold the “UP” arrow key until the device turns off. Release the “UP” arrow key when the Toshiba TV turns off to save the code.

Note: The auto-code search method may take more than 10 minutes, so you will need to keep and hold the remote in front of the device until the setup completes.


If you don’t have a valid code or can’t program the remote using a code for Toshiba, you can try the auto-code search method. Additionally, consulting the Seiki remote control manual for Spectrum remote can provide useful guidance. You will need to follow one procedure only while programming your remote. If you have any doubts, leave a comment for us.

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