Skyworth TV Remote Codes Spectrum

Are you looking for Skyworth TV remote codes for Spectrum remote? You are reading the correct articles. This post will discuss Spectrum remote codes for Skyworth TV and its programming. If you want to replace your Skyworth remote, The Spectrum remote is your best choice.

Spectrum Remote Codes For Skyworth TV List

Using a valid code, you will need to program the Spectrum remote to connect it to the Skyworth TV. Here are Spectrum remote codes for Skyworth TV and their usage. The remote code will recognize the device and save the information in the remote memory. Additionally, if you need to program your Spectrum remote for a Panasonic TV, you can find the appropriate codes and follow similar steps. I will provide complete information about the Spectrum remote programming for your Skyworth TV in this post.



Spectrum RC122 Remote Codes For Skyworth TV


How To Program A Spectrum Remote To A Skyworth TV

The Skyworth remote allows two ways for its programming: Direct code entry and auto-code entry, both methods are recommended, but you will need select one method for your remote programming.

Note down the codes before going to remote programming. You will need to enter a valid code on the remote using the remote keypad. Follow the instructions to program A Spectrum remote to a Skyworth TV.

  1. Switch on your Skyworth TV manually.
  2. Insert new batteries into the remote compartment.
  3. Press and hold the “OK” and “MENU” keys simultaneously until the LED indicator blinks twice.
  4. Now enter the Spectrum remote code for Skyworth TV.
  5. The LED indicator will blink twice if the code is correct. If not, try to re-enter the correct code until the LED flashes twice.

Finally, check the remote buttons to control the Skyworth TV. If all the buttons work as expected, it means the remote is ready to use.

How To Program A Spectrum Remote To A Skyworth TV Without Codes

In this method, the remote will send several batch codes to the device and find the correct code to control Skyworth TV. Follow the instructions below to program the Spectrum remote to your Skyworth TV. For those with a Sceptre TV, using the appropriate Spectrum code will ensure your remote operates seamlessly.

  1. Turn on your Skyworth TV manually.
  2. Locate the remote toward the device.
  3. Press and hold the “OK” and “MENU” keys at a time for three seconds. The LED indicator will flash twice.
  4. After this, press the “TV POWER” button on the remote once. It will turn on and stays solid.
  5. Now press and hold the “UP” arrow key until Skyworth TV turns off.
  6. Release the “UP” arrow key quickly when the Skyworth TV turns off to save the code.

Note: This method may take a long time, so you must keep holding the remote in front of the TV until the remote is programmed successfully. If you’re looking for a quicker setup, using specific codes such as the Panasonic codes can expedite the process and ensure accurate programming.


You can use both methods, but the code entry method will be complete within a minute. You can also choose the auto-code entry method to program the remote when you don’t have a valid code or if you fail to program the remote using the direct code entry method. If you have any doubts or are facing problems while programming your remote with a Skyworth TV or a Sharp TV, leave a comment for us.

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