Spectrum Remote Codes for DVD Player

Universal remotes are the best inventions of recent times because they set you free from handling multiple remotes for various devices. Spectrum universal remote is one such remote that can easily be paired with any devices like TV, DVD, soundbar, Blu-ray, etc., and let you enjoy your entertainment time. If you want to pair Spectrum remote to your DVD player, you will need a little guidance for that, and for your convenience, we have listed down a piece of detailed information about programming methods for the DVD player in this article.

Spectrum DVD Remote Codes List

It becomes tough to find the code for a device in the manual book because the booklet contains numerous codes for various devices. So, to help you out with this issue, we have prepared a separate table for DVD players of all brands that will help you locate the code for your DVD player easily or incase for samsung soundbar 4 digit remote code for spectrum then go through the linked article. Check out the list of codes given below and start programming your DVD player with Spectrum universal remote.

To operate the DVD player with your Spectrum Universal remote control, you will be required a code of your DVD’s brand and model. This code allows the device to get paired with the remote. Usually, the code is of 2, 3, 4, and 5 digits that work according to the brand of the device. So, when you try to program it with Spectrum remote, you need to get the correct code first for your DVD, then you can sync it.

How to Program Spectrum Remote to DVD Player?

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Just like other devices, you can also program your DVD player with the Spectrum universal remote control. It takes a few steps to operate a DVD player of any brand with your universal remote. Below we have mentioned three methods of programming a DVD player with the Spectrum remote. You can go through all these methods and start connecting your device. For those looking to set up their Spectrum remote with an Insignia TV, similar steps can be followed to achieve easy compatibility.

Method 1

  1. Turn on your DVD player.
  2. Press the DVD button on your Spectrum remote, you will notice that the button blinks once.
  3. Now press and hold the Setup button till the DVD button blinks twice.
  4. Next, enter the first code of the spectrum remote using the number pad on the remote. At this moment, if the DVD button blinks twice and your DVD will turn off immediately, means you have successfully programmed your DVD. If the button blinks for a very long time, repeat the steps using another code from the list.
  5. To check if your DVD is successfully programmed, press the Power button and the Volume buttons on the remote if the DVD player is working on your command.
  6. If the DVD player works on the command of your remote that means you have programmed your Spectrum remote to DVD successfully.

Method 2

  1. Turn on your DVD player.
  2. Now press the DVD button once on your Spectrum remote.
  3. Next, press the SETUP button and hold it for a while until the mode of the selected key blinks twice.
  4. Now enter the code listed for your DVD player using the number key on your Spectrum remote. The selected mode key will blink twice when you finish entering the code.
  5. If the selected mode key (DVD) blinks very long, repeat steps 3-5 with the same code.
  6. Lastly, point the remote towards your DVD player and press the Power button once. Your DVD will turn off now. If the device doesn’t turn off, repeat the entire process with another code. If it still doesn’t work, refer to the Troubleshooting procedure.


  1. Turn on your DVD player.
  2. Press the DVD button once on the remote. Then press SETUP and hold it for a moment until the DVD button blinks twice.
  3. Now enter 9 9 1 on the remote. The DVD button blinks twice.
  4. Press 2 (the device code digit for DVD). The DVD button will blink twice again.
  5. Point the remote at the DVD player and press the POWER button once. Your device will turn off now.
  6. Now again turn on your DVD by pressing the POWER button and then press SETUP to save the code. You have successfully programmed your DVD player with the Spectrum remote.

Final Words:

After reading the entire article, you must have found that programming Spectrum remote to the DVD player is quite an easy task. Because Spectrum remote itself assures us of the status of each step by blinking the light on the remote keys and we don’t need to make an assumption in each step.

We hope this article guided you well in programming your DVD player and spectrum sony tv codes will be here including set up steps, if you still have any issues then you can contact our customer service that is available 24*7 at your service.

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