Hisense Roku TV Spectrum Remote Codes

If you are looking for Hisense Roku TV Spectrum remote codes, you are at the right place. I will tell you how to program the Spectrum remote to Hisense Roku TV and discuss the Spectrum remote code. If you are new to remote programming or don’t know how to use the codes and programming procedure, I will teach you step-by-step below.

Hisense Roku Tv Remote Codes Spectrum List

Below, I will show you Hisense Roku TV remote codes for Spectrum remote and explain the code used during the programming. The codes are designed for device reorganization and authentication when you connect the remote to the device even tcl roku tv spectrum remote code also works in same way. The remote code also saves the Hisense Roku TV information in the Spectrum remote database to control the device.




How To Program Spectrum Remote To Hisense Roku TV

You can program Spectrum remote To Hisense Roku TV in two ways: direct code entry and auto-code search. I will explain to you two methods, but you will need to prefer a single method. The direct code entry method is recommended for remote programming because it is the easiest way and completes within a minute. In this, you must enter the Hisense Roku TV code on Spectrum remote while programming the remote.

  1. Turn on your Hisense Roku TV (Turn off other entertainment devices while programming the Hisense Roku TV).
  2. Insert new batteries into the remote compartment.
  3. Find the “OK” and “MENU” keys, which allow the remote to receive a code.
  4. Press and hold the “OK” and “HOME” keys simultaneously until the LED indicator flashes twice.
  5. Now enter the Spectrum remote code for Hisense Roku TV.
  6. The LED indicator will flash twice and turns off after entering the code if the code is correct.
  7. If the indicator blinks or stays solid, you must re-enter the correct code until the remote gets the correct code.
  8. Finally, check that the remote works as expected. If the remote works well, there is no need for further setup.

You can try the auto-code search method if you fail to program the remote in the direct code entry method.

How To Program Spectrum Remote To Hisense Roku TV Without Code

In this method, you don’t need to enter a code manually. The codes in the remote database will send to the device and find a valid code.

  1. Turn on your Hisense Roku TV.
  2. Press and hold the “OK” and “MENU” keys at once until the LED light blinks twice.
  3. After this, hit the “TV POWER” button on the remote. The LED of the TV power button illuminates and stays solid.
  4. Now keep holding the “UP” arrow key until the Hisense Roku TV turns off.
  5. Finally, release the “UP” arrow key when the TV turns off to lock the code.

Note: This Method may take several minutes, so you will need to keep the remote in front of the device until the remote gets a valid code.

Conclusion: Both methods are recommended, but most prefer direct code entry. You can switch to the auto-code search method if you fail to program the remote in the direct code entry method. If you have any doubts or facing errors during the programming, leave a comment to us, and we may support you.

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