Spectrum Remote Codes For Element TV

Are you finding for the best universal remote? You are at the right place. Spectrum remote is the best remote to control Element TV, and you can get all the benefits of the original remote with the Spectrum remote. However, you will need to program the Spectrum remote using a valid code. I will tell you Spectrum remote codes for element TV in this post.

Element TV Codes For Spectrum Remote List

I will show Element TV codes For Spectrum remote below, which you will need to use when programming the remote. The code recognizes the Element TV model and its functions and saves that information in a remote database. I will tell you when and how to use these codes during remote programming.








Element TV Codes For Spectrum Remote RC122


How To Program Spectrum Remote To Element TV

Below, I will explain two methods to program the Spectrum remote to Element TV. Both ways work better as it worked in sanyo tv codes for spectrum remote and are compatible with the remote. But you will need to opt for a method only. Follow the instructions below to program the Spectrum remote to Element TV. In this method, you must enter a valid code during the remote programming.

  1. Note down the Element TV codes for Spectrum remote programming. 
  2. Turn on your Element TV (The TV should not be in standby mode).
  3. Insert new batteries into the remote to send solid infrared signals.
  4. Long press the “OK” and “MENU” keys simultaneously until the LED indicator at the top of the remote blinks twice.
  5. Now, your remote is ready to receive a valid code.
  6. Enter the Spectrum remote Element TV code using the remote keypad.
  7. The LED indicator will flash twice to confirm the code if it receives a valid code.
  8. If the LED light blinks more times or stays solid, it receives an incorrect code. Please re-enter the correct code.
  9. Finally, check the remote buttons to control the Element TV. If everything works well, the remote is ready to use.

If the Element TV doesn’t respond to the Spectrum remote commands, you will need to reprogram the remote using the next code. You can try all the codes until the remote gets a valid code. Alternatively, you can switch to the auto-code search method.

How To Program Spectrum Remote To Element TV Without Code

The codes in the remote memory send the device and find the correct code that matches Element TV.

  1. Plug all the cables correctly and switch on the Element TV.
  2. Locate the remote toward the Element TV.
  3. Press and hold the “MENU” and “OK” buttons at a time for three to four seconds. The LED light will flash twice.
  4. After this, press the “TV POWER” button once. The LED light of the power button illuminates.
  5. Now press and hold down the “UP” arrow key until the Element TV turns off.
  6. Release the “UP” arrow key when the Element TV turns off to lock the code.

If you fail to program the remote in the auto-code search method for the first time, you can repeat the exact programming instructions from step2 until the TV turns off.


I recommend the direct code entry method because it takes less time. If you don’t have a valid code or are failing to enter the code in the direct code entry method, you can opt for the auto-code search method to program the Spectrum remote. If you have any doubts or errors, leave a comment for us.

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