Spectrum Remote URC1160 Not Working With Cable Box

Its common with the technology and electronic devices to have issues, after all they are just machines. There are several reasons that may be causing issue with your Spectrum universal remote model urc1160. It may be because of memory failure or wrong program spectrum remote rc122 instead of urc1160, booting issue, streaming error, not accessing advanced services, internet connection issue, troubleshoot error and so on. If there is some issue occurred with your remote or with spectrum cable box codes, just relax, we will help to fix the issue in the technical domain. Just follow these steps to fix the issue in your Spectrum Universal remote urc1160:

  1. “Turn off” cable box using the power button.
  2. Now take out the power cables of the device and press and hold the “Power Button” for a few seconds.
  3. Take out the batteries of the remote and wait for 3-5 minutes before plugging them back. Keep pressing and holding the power button on the remote for a few seconds even after taking out the batteries.
  4. It will take around 3-5 minutes to set-up everything.
  5. Now plug everything back in and turn on your cable box. Now try using the Spectrum remote and see if this fixes the issue.

Spectrum remote is the best choice if you find difficulty in juggling with multiple remotes at your home even for insignia devices. Spectrum remote can connect with your cable box easily in no time and let you binge watch your favourite show. To how to program universal remote to spectrum cable box you need to follow these simple steps.

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